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Here at North Georgia Mountain Experts, we specialize in helping clients buy homes. Whether you are looking for a fun vacation home or a cozy mountain cabin, we will help you find the home of your dreams. We are an offshoot of The Davenport Group, a multi-million dollar Keller Williams Group and we operate in the North Georgia Mountains. We have all the skills and expertise of a large group, but specialize in the buying process, which enables us to fully focus on one aspect of the Real Estate Process. This helps us to serve our clients in the best and most efficient way possible. 


Meet the Team


Spending the last 15 years in the real estate world in North Georgia, I have worn many hats in the industry. My role as leader of the contracts department for a very large real estate firm led to an eagle-eye (and maybe OCD) for making sure every contract is impeccable as we move through the offer and negotiations processes. I also spent several years as Director of Operations, Executive Assistant, and Transaction Coordinator, which exposed me to all aspects of the purchase process and all the details required for a smooth closing. Currently the Lead Buyers Agent for The Davenport Group, I have narrowed my niche while expanding my own team within a team – the North Georgia Mountain Experts! Georgia is my home state and I love raising our three children and two dogs in my husband’s North GA hometown.



As a child, I believed I was put on this earth to help people in some way. As such, I have always been driven to improve myself and become a better person.  Exploring new and different ways of doing so throughout my schooling years, I took classes in everything from childhood education to criminal justice, none of which seemed the best fit. Currently working (and loving) in the thrilling world of real estate, I am driven to learn as many aspects of the business and to surround myself with some of the best in the industry. The reward of helping so many is incredible, and truly what drives me to be the best that I can.



As a traveler for many years, I have seen the ways that words and conversations can connect people. So much of marketing is about using connections and language to correlate services to the people that need them! After working in several positions requiring specific styles of communication, my current position as Marketing Director for the North Georgia Mountain Experts team allows me to effectively and efficiently reach both clients and extended transaction partners.



 I was very active growing up, participating in theater, pageants, volleyball, and dance competitions. All of these activities led to meeting many different people, and I found that I learned so much about so many people through conversation. Talking with and connecting to others have taught me more about our cultures as a whole! Over the last 5 years, my career has involved providing high-level customer/client service while communicating with many different people in a day. Learning about clients through conversations allows me to understand their goals, and therefore help the team match perfect homes to each family.


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