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We are a team built of extraordinary people with a deep fundamental belief that the phenomenal service we give you will always be the foundation that our growth is built on and we will never succeed without the consistent satisfaction of our clients.


At The Davenport Group, our utmost priority is to provide you, our valued client, with a five-star experience from the start of your real estate venture all the way through closing and beyond. Our dedication to your satisfaction extends far beyond the transaction’s completion. Our team remains committed to assisting you for years after you’ve concluded the closing process.

Renowned for delivering top-notch service and genuine care for our clients, The Davenport Group is a highly successful team with a track record of producing multi-million dollar transactions. We’re known for consistently going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.


Rachel Davenport leads The Davenport Group at Keller Williams Realty Partners, excelling as both the primary listing and buyer specialist. Hailing from Georgia, Rachel brings over 15 years of real estate expertise to the table, marked by 1,200+ successful transactions representing both buyers and sellers. Her wealth of experience equips her team with a deep understanding of current market dynamics and property values.

Throughout her career, Rachel has garnered a reputation for her unwavering professionalism, integrity, and an unrelenting commitment to prioritizing her clients’ needs above all else. This ethos runs through every facet of The Davenport Group.

When collaborating with property owners to market and sell their homes, Rachel places a strong emphasis on optimizing profitability within the shortest possible marketing window. Homeowners receive regular marketing updates to stay informed about prevailing trends. Rachel ensures her listings gain maximum exposure through channels like Premier Listings on and other relevant media platforms. Additionally, she offers professional photography at no additional expense to her clients, along with premium virtual tours and customized property presentation magazines that showcase each client’s unique home.

Rachel’s hands-on approach with her clients has been pivotal in the team’s ongoing success.

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Gina Staton

Gina Staton

Office Manager

Gina brings a diverse background to The Davenport Group, having previously excelled in teaching and owning her own custom apparel business. The expertise gained from these roles seamlessly translated into her role as office manager. With firsthand experience in buying and selling six houses, Gina possesses an in-depth understanding of the real estate process. She anticipates one final move in the coming years. Known for her hands-on approach, Gina is dedicated to assisting clients and ensuring the seamless operation of the office.



Director of Operations

Meet Joan, our esteemed Director of Operations. Armed with a BS in Psychology and boasting 9 years of experience in Human Resources, Recruitment, and Training, she made a seamless transition into the real estate industry. Joan has been an invaluable part of The Davenport Group for over 3 years.

Her role encompasses overseeing the team’s operations from the Pre-listing phase to the Closing process. Joan’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that no task goes overlooked, contributing significantly to the team’s ongoing success.



Marketing Manager

Jane serves as TDG’s dedicated Marketing Manager. Graduating with Latin honors in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Majoring in Financial Management. Her academic excellence is matched by a deep passion for community service, particularly in her role as an active youth volunteer, highlighting her genuine affinity for people.

She is unwavering in her commitment to aligning her actions with the company’s core values. Her responsibilities encompass managing all of The Davenport Group’s social media accounts and posts, in addition to overseeing administrative tasks that ensure seamless synchronization and effective advertising in the media market. She takes charge of email marketing, social media promotion, and various other marketing initiatives. Jane also diligently manages referral websites, ensuring they are updated with the latest information on clients and leads. Collaborating closely with the team, Jane ensures every aspect of the buying and selling process is effectively communicated and synchronized through various media channels.



Buyers Manager

Daisy, our vibrant and cheerful Buyers Manager, oversees the daily operations related to buyers. With over 5 years of dedicated customer service experience, she takes immense pride in delivering top-tier service to all our clients, prioritizing buyers and ensuring they feel genuinely welcomed and valued.

Collaborating closely with agents, Daisy handles a spectrum of activities including addressing buyer inquiries, nurturing client relationships, promptly responding to emails and calls, conducting property searches tailored to buyers’ preferences, coordinating appointments, and maintaining well-organized buyer databases. Additionally, she provides indispensable support to Rachel.

Daisy’s meticulous approach guarantees that each buyer finds their ideal home. She dedicates herself to meticulously curating and presenting properties that align with their dreams and aspirations.



LIsting Manager

Richelle, our amazing Listing Manager at The Davenport Group, brings with her 9 years of valuable experience as a Customer Care Specialist in the BPO industry prior to joining our team.

In her role, Richelle collaborates closely with the listing agent, handling essential tasks such as preparing pre-listing documents, coordinating photoshoots, and compiling documents and presentation materials for upcoming listings. She also takes on the responsibility of ensuring that our listings receive the utmost care and are promptly published on all relevant MLS platforms. Richelle adeptly manages showing requests and skillfully presents offers to our valued clients.

Her primary goal is to facilitate smooth transactions and ensure our clients are not only satisfied but also delighted with the quality of service we provide. Richelle’s commitment is to make certain that every aspect of the process is seamless and tailored to the unique needs and preferences of our clients.



Transaction Manager

Miah, our adept Transaction Manager, is celebrated for her affable and proactive approach. Her proficiency lies in adeptly addressing client inquiries from the instant a property, be it for purchase or sale, enters contract, and she skillfully guides them through to the ultimate closing. Miah’s pivotal role encompasses the meticulous management of contracts, guaranteeing a smooth and triumphant transaction in every instance of buying or selling.

In addition to her primary responsibilities, Miah assumes responsibility for agent referrals, expertly handling both incoming and outgoing clients. With an unwavering attention to detail, she ensures that all essential tasks and paperwork are expeditiously and accurately processed, leaving no room for oversight or delay.

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